Brand + app development


COMPANY: Urbanity
PRODUCT: Checked In App
ROLE: Creative Director
WEBSITE: urbanitygo.com

Urbanity is a company believing in community and a sense of belonging. They put tablets in the rooms of hotels and timeshares, preloaded with their Checked In app. This made it possible to connect guests with awesome local businesses, products, exclusive deals, and events. By creating a community of solid brands and experiences, Urbanity and the Checked In app gives travelers a sense of belonging and inclusion while in another city.


Like I mentioned, the tablets are preloaded with the Checked In app, restricting users from using the tablet for anything other than the app. The app functions like a Yelp-Groupon-Instagram-magazine publication hybrid.

Content included:


Articles on local culture


Theme lists of places to visit


Exclusive event invites


Checked In sponsored events

Scenic Sites

Curated itineraries

Hip Streets

Exclusive deals for local spots


This video was used as a promo video introducing Urbanity and their philosophy – that travelers should feel like they’re a part of the city’s experience, to be included. Wherever they go. Even for their first visit.

I wrote the narration as well as directed, produced, and edited this promo.


If a personal sense of wellbeing is to experience one’s thoughts, feelings, and memories – as separate from the rest…what happens when that experience is shared? What if everything unfamiliar, actually holds within it, all that is familiar to us? What if we felt a sense of home somewhere we’ve never been?

To know, at every second of the day, that we’re among friends – even one’s we haven’t met yet. To be an embraced member within a community that we also own. To experience a fulfilling sense of belonging, with a longing to be.

With each gathering, interaction, conversation….starting with each room…one by one, we can experience the intimacy of feeling at home among friends everywhere we go.


The website describes the company’s philosophy and it’s purpose, along with an explanation of how Urbanity orchestrates a melodic harmony between hotels, brands, and guests, as well as a description of the Checked In app. The website also links to the company’s branded Instagram page as well as a contact page.