Best Day Ever Campaign


AGENCY: Leo Burnett NY
ROLE: Digital Project Manager

FiLIP is more than just a smartwatch, it is “still the only wearable phone and smart locater that can make two-way phone calls with up to five pre-determined contacts, receive texts, provide location tracking both indoors and out, and empower a child to immediately connect with a trusted contact in case of an emergency. Everything is controlled from a FiLIP app on the parent’s smartphone, giving parents the peace of mind knowing that they can stay in touch with their child on any adventure.”


FiLIP teamed up with agency Leo Burnett in New York, who teamed up with Caviar Digital, to launch The Best Day Ever campaign. Caviar Digital would create a fully integrated interactive experience, which would combine live action with digital interaction across all platforms. Together with Caviar’s live action department, we turned the campaign story into an engaging journey that is playful, functional and beautifully interactive.


This digital experience is completely responsive, adjusting to desktops, tablets and smartphones in a fluent and uncompromising way.


The Best Day Ever gives a lucky child their dream of having what they imagined would be the “best day ever”. The video follows Rylee as she cooks through New York City with the freedom provided by her FiLIP. When users watch this video, they are prompted to connect their mobile device for second screen interaction capabilities. The user also has the choice to interact by just clicking hotspots using the desktop mode. Hotspots either display fun facts or instructional app tutorials to demonstrate the connection between a child’s FiLIP and a parent’s app. If connected to mobile, Hotspots actually engage users in the app features. With the cooperation of Google, we were able to leverage heir maps and store locator features to enrich the overall experience.

Menu is hidden on all devices including desktop, sliding in when active

Quickquide slider explains each app feature

Social feed tracking Twitter and Instagram posts with #bestdayever and #myFiLIP

The interactive video offers 2 experience options – desktop interaction or desktop w/ mobile second screen interaction

Click on Hotspots to initiate video interaction

This particular Hotspot displayed Rylee’s Recipe, we can share or download it too!

Feature Hotspots demonstrate how to use the app features. If mobile is being used, we can actually see how a call is made via app

On desktop, the Feature Hotspot will display an app image and video tutorial on how to use that specific feature

Interactive timeline that displays storyline images and hotspot appearances



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